Working Through The Pandemic

Jeff Frank, Vice President of Preconstruction, Tutor Perini Building Corp

Working Through The Pandemic

Why Elevator Monitoring is Important in Buildings

Bobby James, Safety/Compliance Manager, TopBuild

Why Elevator Monitoring is Important in Buildings

Influence of Technology on the Elevator and Escalator Industry

Logan Joseph,Director, Information Technology,John Deere

Influence of Technology on the Elevator and Escalator IndustryLogan Joseph,Director, Information Technology,John Deere

Elevator and Escalator industry is proliferating, and the anticipated developments in elevator technology is digitalization and the emphasis on the passenger experience.

Several technological advancements have changed design in the past 150 years. However, none has had an impact on the invention of the elevator and escalator.  This area has been vital in rendering the distinctive skyline marked with rises and towers across modern cities today. With the ground space, buildings are inevitably scaling the skies to unimaginable heights. As a direct result, the escalator and elevator technology has taken on a whole new meaning.  As the buildings are now responding to standards and requirements, the elevator and escalator industry also is gearing up in that direction. Know more here.


Top 10 Construction Tech Startups - 2020Urbanization is the vital transformation agent for the industry over the years. As urbanization drives the increased demand for housing, the need for smart and efficient technologies is becoming a must. The elevator and escalator industry now offers and is changing towards substantial energy savings with environmentally responsible characteristics.  Building owners are starting to become environmentally conscious and aiming to get green certifications. Environmentally responsible elevators and escalators are known to improve this growth.

Smart connected buildings, Internet of Things abilities, and emerging standards of safety and quality are elements that benefit manufacturers with an appetite for investments in technology. A smart elevator is a connected elevator which can communicate with passengers, building managers, service staff, and other building systems to enhance the experience and elevator performance, primarily through better elevator maintenance.  

Technologies continually evaluate real-time passenger traffic to improve flow and travel time. Engineers are also working to create the next generation of elevators that will connect manufacturing to installation to service, enabling delivering to the customer a completely different service.

As an outcome of urbanization, another shift that is captivating the industry is the focus on aesthetics. Apart from focusing on energy savings,  safety, technology, and other features, the customer is now looking for a stimulating and engaging space within an elevator. They are looking for softer edges, etchings, patterns, colors, materials, and textures.

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